Tuesday, January 5, 2016

gOt an aTTiTuDe? of grAtitUde. . .?

LoVe, loVe, lovE!
pRacTice gRatiTudE . . . for it aLL!

Hello All! 
One week, a friend of mine who was totally frustrated . . . and stuck and going a bit bonkers on me with panic this week! So, as I started saying a couple of days ago, next time I speak with my amazing and capable (and dramatic and crazy) friend--I am going to tell her that the most amazing stuff she can do is practice both:
I have already written about forgiveness (and I will totally write more later!!!), but I also want to touch on gratitude, a seed you can plant to have all that you desire. 

Know why? 'Cuz you know and feel thankful that you really have all that you need NOW--in this moment. As the Chopra Center tells us,

"Gratitude is also called the prayer of affluence, because gratitude for what we have draws more abundance to us. How many times a day do we give thanks—to the Universe, to our friends and family, or to people we encounter each day? 
We have so many things in our life to be grateful for. Beyond any material possessions, health is a gift, a child’s smile is a gift, watching the sun rise and set is a gift, and waking   up in the morning is the ultimate gift of another day of life.
To live in a state of gratitude, we have to learn to expand our awareness of the gifts we have been given, the bounty the unlimited universe handed to us for simply being."
Chopra Center 
21-day Meditation Challenge
So, what r u gr8tful 4?
I can name at least 33 things I'm gr8ful 4?!
How about U? Let me know in the comments. . . 
:0) dana 

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