Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I Don't Mind (my mind . . .)

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Mindful Meditation

Yesterday I shared how much power I give over to my mind. Sometimes I wake up at night and I am racing and racing in my head (or am I dreaming? . . ). It almost feels like my head is all that exists, or like I don't have a body. I know that I am NOT my mind, so why does logic and thought try to take over all the time? It's all so three-dimensional.

I know we are outgrowing this paradigm, which is probably why my mind is, well, hitting me over the head right now. Like, OVER, and OVER, and OVER. I have to somehow let it go.

Meditation helps me stay in the present, and I was listening to a podcast last week about staying at the top of the breath in meditation--even when we are exhaling. 

Guru Singh wrote a blog about staying present by staying present in our breath. Read the link below, and listen to the meditations while you are reading:

Guru Sing Meditations

Happy meditating and breathing!

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