Friday, January 8, 2016

cELeBraTe tHe SuCCEss of OtherS!

Sometimes, what's really cool, Dana Lynne, 
is giving profuse thanks for the good fortunes that befall others - 
no matter who they are -because, invariably,
your joy for them will yield the same good fortunes for you.


The Universe
Dear FunFreePeeps!

Have you ever felt kind of jealous of someone? Maybe for what they have, or some accomplishment of theirs? Do you ever compare yourself to others and feel like you're not as good, or not enough, or not as lucky, or not as ________(fill in the blank)?

I know I've written about that feeling before . . . and I used to do that to myself, too. Consider this: when we are faced with a friend, a colleague, or even a complete stranger who has 
  • a streak of good fortune
  • a surprising success
  • an unforeseen opportunity
  • a job they love
  • wonderful health
  • lost weight
  • an amazing relationship
  • or even stuff like a BRAND NEW CAR or a McMANSION! . . .
the Law of Attraction requires us to be as thrilled - - YES! ThRiLLeD!

for that OTHER person, as if we, ourselves, would be ThRiLLeD had we been the fortunate recipient of __________(fill in the blank).

Even better, we can act as if the __________ has already arrived, and practice gratitude for it, as if we already have __________ and are enjoying the amazing benefits of it!

And we have so much of __________, that we can turn around and share it with others!

What if you BEGAN with the piece "SHARING with others," even thought the ________ hasn't yet arrived? Now THAT would create even more space for more of _________ to arrive in your life . . .

Just sayin' . . . (or does that seem too scary 'cuz you think you'd actually have less . . . that's how our mind plays tricks with us, huh?); it's the opposite . . . we would be opening up space for MORE!

That's how The Law of Attraction works . . .
Give it up!
Happy Friday,
;) Dana

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