Friday, January 22, 2016

wE aLL R eNERgY!

hEY aLL!

My students and my own kids tell me every day how crazy, awkward, and weird I am. But I'm actually fine with it--'cuz it's true.
As my daughter Chloe, said to me just ten minutes ago, "Mom, you so cRaY-cRaY . . . and uBer-cRaY-cRaY . . . and . . . uR awesome and that's why I love you . . .". 
  • Do you think she was referring to the fact that when we went to her diabetes appointment at the hospital yesterday--I got money from the cash machine and looked really surprised when it came out---I actually started jumping up and down, and raised my hands in the air and ran wildly down the hallway shouting, 
We're rich!
We're rich!
We're rich!
(it just seemed like the right thing to do...
we made patients in the hospital laugh out loud!) 
  • Or, maybe that when we were on our way to the beach, we broke out in a random water-noodle war in the pathway complete with super stealthy Ninja-like moves and sounds? And then we moved it to the bandshell and pretended we were in our own movie?
So, so, so, fun . . .
and necessary for me . . .
if I want to be myself . . . 
and I am
(like my blog). . . 

Chloe and I like to be silly in public 'cuz we like to make people smile and laugh. That's why we hold hands and skip down the street, and sing out loud!
'Cuz super awesome positive amazing energy is


If you don't believe me, check out this video about how negative and positive thoughts effect the arrangement of water molecules. 
It's amazing! And true!
Did you know that your body 
is made up of more than 60% water?
Imagine how you can
tRaNsForM your liFe
by whispering gentle LoVinG thoughts
to yourself and making
LoViNg choices
for beautiful and amazing yOu!

sO mUcH lOvE!
;0) dana-burger

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