Monday, January 25, 2016

LovE aLL of tHeM. . .

Dear fun & free folk!

Here is the message I got from the Universe the other day. It reminded me that I need to accept all the people in my life exactly as they are:

For as long as you wish to keep them in your life, 
Dana Lynne, whoever they may be, 
understanding them, as opposed to changing them,
will wildly improve the chances that they'll wish to keep you in their life.

Oh wow, how I love you -
    The Universe

I have spent a lot of time and energy in my life trying to change the people and circumstances around me. What I would like to do is work on accepting the people and challenges around me without fighting it all! 

It is all good; and, as my bestie always says to me, "All is well..."

I love life! All of it . . . the good stuff and the not so good (crappy) stuff!


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