Monday, January 18, 2016

lOvE mE! . . . yIkeS!

Dear FunFreePeeps;

Today's message will be rather pithy, but I've had an epiphany! OMG! 

Here it is:

I've had trouble all my life receiving; I've cemented my identity in being a GIVER, and in the same breath, I've surrounded myself with TAKERS. And, I've been resentful of people who have continuously TAKEN from me.

Interesting note: I take responsibility that I chose these people, these TAKERS . . . but I chose them from a place of unconsciousness.

And: Guess What? (you know what I'm going to write . . .): 

I am BE-COMING increasingly CONSCIOUS. YAY!

What I am learning right now, is that I need to be the receiver of my own giving. Sounds cray-cray, right?

In other words, I need to fill myself up fully, so I can give to others. 

So giving, begins with giving to myself.

And receiving, begins with giving to myself, and receiving from myself.

So weird.

Counter-intuitive to my nature.

Guess I just need to BREATHE into ME.

Love ME,
Evolving (awesome) Me.

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