Wednesday, June 10, 2015

aCcEpT iT aLL . . .

"To offer no resistance to life is to be in a state of grace, ease, and lightness.
This state is then no longer dependent upon things being in a certain way, good or bad.
It seems almost paradoxical, yet when your inner dependency on form is gone,
the general conditions of your life, the outer forms, tend to improve greatly.
Things, people, or conditions that you thought you needed for your happiness
now come to you with no struggle or effort on your part,
and you are free to enjoy and appreciate them.
Life flows with ease." 

~Eckhart Tolle
Dear FunFreePeeps!

The message above is something that often challenges me on a daily basis: accepting what is. We can celebrate the awesome stuff that happens to others just as if it's also happening to us. Sound weird?

Actually, we can create our own inner state of harmony, peace, and abundance . . . even when our outside circumstances don't reflect that reality; in other words, our inner reality need not depend on what happens to us.

Another way of looking at it, or assigning meaning to the events and circumstances that make up our lives (according to Mastin Kipp from The Daily Love), is that the Universe always chooses the precise circumstances to teach us what we need to learn for our highest good. Everything happens for us, not to us. So, we can trust that all is well, even when it doesn't feel that way or when life doesn't show up the way we want.

Have you ever looked back at a situation that you thought was negative, only to see later that there were hidden blessings that you couldn't see at the time--and you know deep in your heart that it's exactly what you needed to WAKE YOU UP and get your attention to teach what you had to learn to get to the amazing place you are now?

As Tolle states above, when we don't overlay our expectations of what things should look like on our surroundings, our eyes can actually open up to what is actually present. Or, if we can  accept and bless what is, more good stuff can come in! We are free to enjoy and appreciate the beauty before us, and

Life flows with ease. 

(as in, ease-y pease lemon-squeezy!) 

Challenge: What area of your life are you resisting? Can you accept it, and reframe it as an opportunity to work through a challenge, learn, or face a fear?

Let me know in the comments!
Happy Wednesday!


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