Thursday, June 18, 2015

Be yOu . . . & leT oTherS, tOO!

Hey funfreeMe LoVe(ly) PpS!

So if we want others to accept us for all of our crap and hUman-ness (not a word, but oh well . . . ) that means that we should pay it forward and allow everyone to be free to be (the best version of) themselves, and not necessarily what WE want them to be. Which means, a couple of different things:
  • we can't expect others to change for us
  • we can (maybe) accept others for who they are (even if we don't care for them or them personally)
So, maybe--- we can trust that everyone and everything is exactly as it should be . . .(including ourselves, which is kind of hard to believe, especially when things get tough and we feel like we and others totally suck the big one!).

In my blog from last summer, I was writing that sunflowers and roses are meant to be sunflowers and roses---they aren't supposed to be anything else. . . . which leads me to the question: Why do we sometimes think people should be anything different than who they are?

Takes me back to TrUsT in something biGGer and GREATER than what we know! . . .  (and trust is hard, . . . cuz alot of times, we only believe in what we can see, touch, smell, taste, etc...).

So, be gr8ful for all-

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