Tuesday, June 23, 2015

pEEps in Ur LiFe r MIRRORS:SRORRIM of U!

Karla & Jeanie: Doppelgangers
September, 2012
hEy fun & freePeePS!

Have you ever heard that everyone of us in the world has a double (someone who looks just like you) somewhere in time? Funny thing is, they may be YOU at a different age, so you may not recognize them.

I have been asked by my students many times if I was at ______ (enter random location and time) and they swear they saw me! Apparently, there is a woman who looks exactly like me in the town where I work (40 miles from where I actually live). Has this ever happened to you?

If you look at the  picture above, you'll see two different women, 10 years apart. This is a picture I took of two friends--one I've known for over 15 years (Karla, on the left), and one, I just met (Jeanie, on the right).

When I met Jeanie, about two months ago--I freaked! 

Not only did she look like a tad bit older version of my good friend, Karla (who I've taught with for a super long time)--BUT THEY ACTUALLY TALK AND ACT LIKE ME, and MINI-ME! I could hardly stand it! So when Jeanie came to my school, I had to introduce them to each other and take this amazing me/mini-me picture!

In literature, they are called Doppelgangers, or, literally, "double-walkers." And, that's the point to this blog, actually.

Everyone in our lives mirrors parts of us.

Know why? "Cuz we assign the meaning of others actions, words, behaviors, and ways of being through our own lenses. That means when we recognize something in others, there must be a similar trait in our own lives that is being mirrored back to us.

My friend, Nancy, reminded me of this today, when I had a physical reaction to an event in my life. She thinks I may need therapy . . . (which may be the case) BUT TRUTHFULLY, I have been outsourcing my mental health, and my physical and emotional well-being my whole life. And I think (truthfully) that it's big business (busy-ness). 

I do appreciate her pushing me to look at and embrace my own shadows. I know this for sure: I project my own shadows to the circumstances and people in my life--I just need to own it. 

Which brings me back to surrounding myself with peeps who reflect my BEST SELF, and setting boundaries around those relationships where we don't show up in our best light (although these can be some of our best opportunities for growth).

Everyone in our lives can serve as a Doppelganger, if we pay attention. The important thing, is to take responsibility for what we create as reflections. It's all amazing learning, after all!

We are so, so lucky!


p.s. get the mirror thang? grOOvy bAby!

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