Friday, June 19, 2015

lEt thEm bE fRee(lY thEmSeLvEs!) . . .

HeY yOu aLL! 

sO, letting others be free means leaving them alone to be their oWn fReE bad selves...(not really, but themselves . . .). It's not really our business, where they are, or what they do... cuz if we don't like what they dosay,believe or N+E=ThiNG, we have a choice to just walk away . . .  without hating on them, (however, it is possibly our business to tell them how we feel...more about that later...).

NE way, like I was telling you the other day, I have spent a lot of NRG in my days wishing people in my life would change (or want to change --FOR know, so I could feel better by being in control and get my needs met from them OUT(side): IN(side)! embarrassingly dramatic...). What I know now, is that people don't change (much) unless they want to (and for sure not cuz I want them to . . . CRaP! and unCrAp . . .). whew...that takes the pressure off to control everyone else's destiny...thanks! Where did I learn that ridiculous maneuver?

Honestly, I wish the (un)GroWn-uPs would have taught me about this stuff when I was a kid. It's tough to figure out how to do and be in relationships (or not), and I wonder why don't we have a curriculum about this?

I don't know about you, but I am pretty sure I've spent a lot of time in my life with people who just were not a good fit for me--not sayin' they were BAD or WRONG--just not a good fit. Something felt OFF, if I would have been tuned into my gut. And I stuck around because (and I'm making these up as I go) 

  • I didn't think I could do any better or find other relationships
  • I didn't have the energy to leave
  • I could remain a victim of "the relationship"
  • I thought I could change the person

Would you ever look at like, a sunflower and expect it to grow into a rose (cuz you like roses better and that's what you want on your table?)...
and there's more (sorry . . .) Would you ever expect a sunflower to grow faster just because you gave it more water and super duper fertilizer...and...expect it to grow into a rose, still?

How about appreciating a sunflower for its sunflowery-self and a rose for its rosy-ness? And, if you don't like the sunflower, just walk away and choose something else (without haTinG on it)? and same with the RoSe? I personally like clover, myself!)

Just sayin'-----we get to choose our relationships.

fLuFFy puPpies and raInBoWs and pink ponies, too!

;) Dana

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