Saturday, June 27, 2015

Those mean girls . . .

Hey All!

I was thinking this morning about some of the friendships I had when I was in middle school. They were, of course (LOL!) filled with drama (especially since I am a girl!)--and it got so bad that sometimes I really didn't want to go to school at all...

I can remember faking I was sick so I wouldn't have to deal with those mean girls--who kicked me off the lunch table, who whispered about me in class, who passed notes and made fun of my clothes, or who called me fat... (or so I thought...)

Looking back, I realize that a lot of the so-called drama that happened TO me, was really a bunch of stories I made up in my head about those mean girls and what they thought. 

The worst thing is that I actually believed those stories I made up!... and I didn't realize I had a choice to not believe MY OWN stories.

It actually never occurred to me that I could be making it all up in my head! Or, that even if they were as mean as I thought, I could have just not accepted their thoughts as true or real. 

Just because someone says or thinks something about you does not mean it is true or real!!!! 

I'm going to write that one again:
Just because someone says or thinks something about you does not mean it is true or real!!!! 

What if it were true that we actually choose our thoughts?
What if it is really the thoughts we choose that cause us our own misery?

In THE WORK of one amazing GODdess named Byron Katie, we are asked to look at our own thoughts and ask FOUR QUESTIONS:
  1. Is it true?
  2. Can you absolutely know it's true?
  3. How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?
  4. What would you be without the thought?
What I know to be true now, is that the stories I made up about what those mean girls thought, were actually my own creations! I was the mean girl--being mean to myself!!!!! OMG!

Do you ever question your thoughts? Or do you just automatically believe them?

What is some of the mean stuff you say to yourself? What if you chose to no longer believe that voice or even listen to it in the first place?

Make friends with your inner mean voices! Introduce yourself! Look them in the eyes and tell them you don't believe the mean stuff they say about you anymore! Then, share a piece of the most delicious, YuMmY cake with them! 
Invite them into your circle of friends and love them . . . love them to pieces!

Have a beautiful day! 
So much love...



  1. and boys are gods

  2. Ms. Curry.♥ I LOVE YOU ♥ You are one of my favorite teachers . Forever & Always ♥ I dont want to move up to the high school wthout you </3 ♥ PS. I made a account just for you and so you will never know who this is ♥ Ill be sitting in class and i bet you will be telling everyone who wrote this and imma be sitting there trying not to laugh ♥ AHAHAHAHH

  3. RevEal YourSelf or Else! JK!

  4. Hi Dana,
    I found out about you from Alana and she was right we are cut from the same cloth. I am working on a rites of passage workshop for young women. I would love to meet and chat about our passions for guideing young women in 2012. You can find me at
    Fantastic Blog! My thirteen year old is going through this right now so it was a wonderful read for her this morning! Thank you!

  5. My pleasure! Email me and let's chat!