Tuesday, June 16, 2015

dOn'T bE . . . (s) CARE (d)!

DeAr fUn & fRee (fearful sometimes) pEEps:

I was reading my post from yesterday, & I wrote about fear, or being scared--and guess what? 

I used to run away when I was scared--like a flight reaction--not even a choice. I know I've grOWn Up a bit, cuz' I now notice the fact that I'm scared and don't necessarily run fReAkY-dEaKy in the other direction . . . (at least not every time . . .)

These days, I try to notice my scared feeling, name it, pause, & breathe--and then maybe walk away, or face whatever I'm scared of, or still run freaky-deaky in the other direction . . . but at least I consciously choose how I want to respond (most of the time).

Point of information (no coincidence): the word, CARE is in sCAREd. It makes me wonder: 

What if we find our greatest gifts and opportunities in our fears? 

I suppose CARE is in sCAREd for a reason--I'm thinking that when we face our fears, the Universe comes in and CAREs for us throughout the process. In other words, we are TOTALLY supported in all the lessons and fears we face--even if we don't always see it or realize it.

Over the past year, I have faced some of my biggest and most painful fears, and it's been pretty tough sometimes . . . but I will tell you this: in the facing of these fears, I found within me a quiet strength I had no idea I possessed, and I have gotten stronger

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago:

It takes courage to enter the fire, rather than go AROUND it--I know for me, it's been much easier to go around my fears rather than face them. The problem is, we just can't go around; we must face our shadows, shed light on our dark spaces, and face the fires that consume us--and only when we die and surrender to our fears, is it possible to be reborn into something greater.

If I hadn't had the courage to face my fears, I wouldn't have realized my inner strength . . . and knowing I am strong has helped me face the next sCAREy stuff that shows up.

So what fear have you faced, and how did you come out on the other side? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Lots of sCAREd,

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