Thursday, June 25, 2015

wHo R yoU?

"Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary 
to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself."
Hermann Hesse

hApPy (almost) wEEeeEeEEee!(kend), y'aLL!

It's summertime, and I don't work in the summer (or, I actually don't go to a job--but I am working really hard at other stuff, thought, like taking care of me, my family, my home . . . ).
The thing about not being so dang bUsy, is that you get to hang with yoUrself, which is super awesome but can also be scary if you are one of those people who loves to DO & BE bUsY. 

One cool thing is, that if you can get used to checking in with yourself, you can be still no matter where you are--even if you are at the Mall of America, in New York City, or in the middle of crAzY bFf dRAma!

You know, every tornado has a center, and in the center of the tornado there is stillness. When we find oUrselves in the midst of a tornado, we can choose to go to the sweet spot of the storm and remain calm and cOOL, or, we can enter the dRaMa fULLy and get sucked into the sTorM!

bEwAre: sTory oPPorTunity: This is especially true in miDdLe school . . . can you relate? I personally am an 8th grade teacher, and last year I ate lunch with some of my fLaVor-ite kids alMost evEry day (what up LuNcH cLuB #$%@#$@%^#$%^#R%$%). 

One of my fav girls was talking one day about her friends, and she said that in 7th grade, she got stuck in soSOSOSOosooso SOSOSOso much drama because she tried to be friends with eVeryOne and it got her in trouble 'cuz when she was friends with eVeryone she was friends with no One, really--AnD she got drAgGed into everything.

So, she decided to figure out who she wanted to hang with, and keep those peeps close--and GueSs WhAt

Her DraMa got much much much smaller  .  .  . 

Anyway, the point is (wait for it ... wait for it ...):

We choose our own busY-ness, and our own dRaMa. Personally, I'd rather be calm and centered than be out in the middle of other people's storms!

SwEeT dAy to aLL!

p.s. leave a comment to let me know what U are going through! :0 ) dana

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