Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Got Bear . . . II?

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh my!

Yesterday, I told you the story about how bears have been finding me. And when I saw a  real live bear . . . out in the forest, I took it as a sign, or totem.

In the past years, I somehow knew a bear was waiting for me to discover it; but the more I searched for the bear, the more I realized its presence eluded me (which I also took as a sign). When the first time a bear found me, and it was, well, . . .me--the Mama bear, protecting her cubs. It all made sense.

Interesting that sometimes the very thing we are looking for can be found right in the mirror, in our own reflection.

Seems to me the second arrival of bear could mean important stuff; I may have to sleep on this message for a few nights and come back to it.

Two more bears came to me today, but I am only going to write about the last. I was watching the movie, Because of Winne Dixie, and the librarian was telling a story about a bear:

A bear came into the library . . . all the doors and windows were wide open . . . I noticed a smell, a strong smell, . . . and I saw a bear, at least four times the size of your dog. 

She threw War and Peace right at the bear! And guess what? The bear snatched it up and ran off . . . with the book!

Oh my... this is all I know about the bear tonight. I wrote yesterday that I would pay attention and be open to more messages from the bear . . . and guess what? When you are open, the lesson arrives...

Need more time to ponder the lessons of the fourth bear . . .

So grateful,

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