Saturday, June 13, 2015

fun FREE (me) FALL!

I totally faced my fears at ValleyFair amusement park on Wednesday! Since I have been facing my fears lately about sticking up for myself and sharing my feelings, I decided it was time to go on the 3 (my magic number) rides that scared the crap out of me the MOST! (oh, geez...) Like, seriously, I thought I was going to dIe!
But just remember, I have been bloGgInG about trusting that the You-niverse will catch us when we free fall . . . (and, this was kind of a test...shhhh don't tell! it's our little secret!...not!)
So the rides I picked were kind of a metaphor (English teacher moment: a metaphor is something that stands for something, as in, going on scary rides stands for me being bRaVe in my LIFE and faCiNg (and flipping oFF/embracing) my fEaRs!!!!!).
I say 3 (my magic number) woRds to mY fEarS: 
BrInG iT oN!
So, first I went on the Tower of Power with my friend, Jenny! That was really a warm up, the pestilence, destruction, and catastrophe that was yet to come...(not really, but it sounds pretty dramatic, doesn't it?)

Second, I went on my NeMeSiS ride (the one I was supposed to go on w/KylE..tear... hope you won your game...) the RiPcOrD (aka "the swing"). I was actually too chicken to go on it last year (super amazing story about no coincidences coming about this flight tomorrow). Here's a video of my flight! I went with my two friends RaChEL (yo...props to Visitation School!) and KeNdRa and it was AmAzInG:

Last, (notice my amazing English teacher use of transition words) I went on StEeL vEnOM. Actually, that caught me off guard and was even more craZy and crap-ur-pants than the RiPcOrD! I screamed soososososos loud I thought I was going to puke my vocal chords! G(o)Od thing I didn't have the WaLkIng tAcO earlier or I woud've totally bLeW chunKs!
AnyWays, I have faced my fears, in a way, and the You-niverse totally caUghT and tRiPLe caught me! WhewW?! 
I TrUsT more NoW thAn EvEr! Good thing I was willing to Leap, then fLy!
ToDaY funfreePeEpS: I triple dipple dare you to try one thing that scares you! It's freeFaLLing-liscious!
so much love, 

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