Friday, May 19, 2017

aLL is weLL . . . On pURpoSe . . .


"With Synchronicity,
all the resources we need are made available to us
at the precise moment that is appropriate.
The people who come into our lives are the ones we need at that moment in time.
Everything is perfect.
We only need to recognise this to tune into the flow.
Everything happens for a Reason and Every Experience is a Learning Experience."
 - Alex Chua

This past couple of days I've been remembering a Celtic symbol that showed up in my life a very long time ago, and how it has supported me in my journey all along . . . but especially in the past few years--maybe cuz' I have been increasingly present and open to the Universe.

I started out with one of these symbols to keep in my pocket, to serve as a reminder to me that I am loved and there is a Higher Power working in my life. But one day, my token went missing out of my pocket . . . I looked for it everywhere in my house, at my job, and in my car, . . . even in my yard; it was nowhere to be found.

I actually took losing my token as a sign in and of itself--that I was not paying attention and that I needed to get more conscious. I prayed to find it at the right time, and continued looking for weeks and weeks.

One morning, I was one my way to school and I decided to stop at one of my favorite coffee shops, Dunn Bothers, which was kind of strange because I was already running late. I just was kind of bummed out and lonely, and hadn't been in for months--and wanted to touch base with my coffee shop peeps whom I've known for years (what up Clare and Paul!).

I ordered my coffee as usual, chatted with Clare, and as I looked down to leave a tip, I saw the very same coin with my symbol on it sitting on the till. I got the chills. I asked Clare where it came from, and she said someone had "accidentally" dropped it into the tip jar in the past week (it couldn't have been me because I hadn't been there, and you know I don't believe in coincidences!). 

I told her it was the symbol of my Celtic rune that I'd lost weeks before, and she gave me a big smile on her face and pressed it into my hand saying, "You can have it. It's yours. It was totally waiting for you, Dana." I was so speechless. I walked out of the coffee shop with my special (but not my original) Celtic symbol safe in my pocket, and I pledged to become more present so I wouldn't lose it again.

Have you ever experienced a synchronous event? They can be some of the most powerful life-changing experiences we have, and guess what? 

WHAT IF we lived our lives as if EVERY EVENT and EVERY RELATIONSHIP were a sacred confluence, created uniquely FOR us to get our attention and to help us learn (even the painful stuff . . .)? 

WHAT IF we could be grateful for it ALL, even if we aren't clear about the agenda or the Universe's plan for us?

Remember, we are only humans and our vision can be limited, at best. The Universe, however, may just have bigger plans for us that we can even imagine.

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