Sunday, May 14, 2017

MOM is WOW, upSide dOwN!

Happy Mother's Day
Today is Mother's Day and I know a lot of moms are going to be superly-duperly appreciated and honored! Awesome! 

Sometimes, I look at my two amazing kids and think to myself . . . "WOW I'm a MOM . . ." what the heck have I done? (did I ever take a class for this?) . . .

Which leads me to the topic of gratitudeI am so thankful for being a mom, and sometimes, it's really, really tough, like . . . there are times when I feel like I have absolutely NO CLUE what I'm doing!!!!!!

Despite the challenges, life as a mom is usually actually pretty AmAZinG . . . and I feel really blessed by my two kids, Max and Chloe!

Being a mom also makes me very humble, cuz my kids (my own and my kids in my eighth-grade classroom) call me out on everything, and I mean everything!--which is good, cuz that keeps me honest and helps me grow.

(incoming top secret information)

Speaking from my own experience, we moms learn more from our kids than anyone can ever imagine! 
As a matter of fact, my kids and students are my best teachers, like, for example, cHiLdReN:
  • are forgiving of others
  • are open to the Universe
  • stay in the moment (present)
  • are full of jOy!
  • laugh their butts off!
  • do crazy stuff!
  • say what's on their minds!
  • express their feelings openly and honestly
So, on mom's day, guess what? . . . give my own kids gifts and cards to let them know how lucky and blessed I feel to be their mom, and how grateful I am that they're my most important teachers

Weird? Nah . . .I'll always take any opportunity to give someone a present--makes me super happy!
(WoW, I'm a MoM . . . awesome)!
Have an amazing day, and say hey to your Mom!

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