Thursday, May 25, 2017

gOt nEw mOOn?

New Moon

When I was a kid, one hot summer day, I was lying in the sun on a towel in my backyard and it was so, so hot! It was a bit before noon, and I had my iced tea, my journal, and my transistor radio (you can Google that!). I looked up in the sky, and to my right, I saw the bright, beautiful, radiant sun! It was scorching hot, full of energy, and I could literally see the beams reaching down to our beautiful Earth. I glanced across the sky to my left, and I saw the faint outline of the moon. The mOOn! And I was like, "OMG! I can see the sUn and the mOOn at the same time!" 

I felt a deep connection with the cycles of nature, the sun, the moon, the Earth--ALL OF ITIt was an epiphany (which means, according to a sudden, intuitive perception of, or insight 
into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence 
or experience.

Here's what I understood in a deep and timeless manner:

Everything is connected.
Absolutely everything.

So, tonight marks the Gemini new moon, and I do rituals and special prayers and intentions around the cycles of the moon. So, when the moon is new and it waxes (gradually gets larger . . .) we are supposed to call in new attitudes, ideas, relationships, behaviors (fill-in-the-blank) that will serve our highest good! 

For this moon cycle, I intentionally bring in: balance in work & play, gratitude, peace, feeling my feelings, daily rituals & meditation, self-care, & purpose.

 . . . Here's a cool moon ritual from a site that I subscribe to each month called MoonCircles:
La LuNa RiTuaL
Happy new moon! It's so amazing & magical & full of possibilities!

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