Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Ask and We Shall Receive . . .


This morning at school I was talking to my good friend and colleague, Tara (yo girl!), about some new health habits we would both like to commit to . . . and we decided that we are going to drink more water, cuz I usually drink coffee and tea--which sometimes leaves me headachy at the end of my workday.

I went to get some water from the staff lounge, and I put my $1.25 in the machine and as I pushed the button for water, I thought to myself: 

I wonder how many bottles of water 
I need to drink each day while I'm at work? 

The machine rumbled a bit, and one bottle of water was sent down to the opening . . . followed by a second bottle . . . followed by a third !  All for the PRICE OF ONE!

Guess that was my answer! Three bottles of water each day. And 333 is my magic number!
Coincidence? Of course not. Time for a water break. 

Thanks, Universe!

Love, Dana

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