Friday, May 26, 2017

Let Go . . .

The Universe has got my back.

Hey! Happy Memorial Day Weekend--

Lately, I have been stretching myself a lot. Specifically, I am opening myself to the possibility of a career move. 
Surrender, Dorothy!
But (secretly), I am exhilarated. Although I have tried to avoid change my whole life ('cuz I want to feel safe, damn it!), I think change is super exciting.
While I used to cling to safety in relationships, and in my life circumstances - - I have been reminded lately that I am my best in change.  
And the Universe rewards me when I am open to it. As a matter of fact, I approach change with curiosity, respect, and wonder. 
What will life offer me that
I would have never imagined for myself?
It's a great place to be . . .
And I always get feedback about my open stance toward life! 
Here's the message from the Universe that I received this morning from
Release me, Danarelease me to do your will, to move heaven and earth, to orchestrate the players and summon the circumstances that will change your life completely, by doing your all out best with today. 
That's all the leg-up I need,

    The Universe

I did my best today, and I am grate(great)ful!
Happy holiday!

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