Saturday, May 13, 2017

Embrace. Change.

Embrace Change

The one-ly (sometimes l-one-ly) thing that has been
for me in the past 5 years (and actually, LIFE)
damn it
(but not really the damn it part, anymore . . . 
at first, FOR SURE the damn it part). 
(Insert dramatic irony)

In the past five years, change has sometimes kicked me in the butt. Some of the changes I have initiated myself, some other people have initiated, some have been negotiated, and some have been presented to me (upside the head, in many cases) by the Universe.

It's all interesting.

I can remember talking with my brother, Chris, at a time of his life when he was in great pain, that we can't just be grateful to God and the Universe when things go the way we want; that we have to be grateful for it all--even when it feels like things are falling apart, when it's not our way. My brother died of a heart three years ago tomorrow on Mother's Day. 

Big Change. 

He was one of my soul mates, my sojourners. Life on Earth is qualitatively different without him. 

To cite part of  his eulogy that was downloaded to me from Spirit in the middle of the night a few days after his death:

In the last months of his life when he was struggling, he was able to dig deep and live in his gratitude for all his blessings. We can’t just be grateful to God when things go our way, that in the daily struggles and in the pain there is love and there is learning—we humans may not see it because we JUST can’t get big enough. I reassured him that every experience is perfectly designed for us here on Earth so that we are presented with the lessons suited just for us. Sometimes, I just needed to remind Chris to breathe. 

Of course, when I was talking with Chris about this, part of me was making the shit up---but the deeper part of me knows it's true--that every experience, every change, is a gift for growth. And I have to include his death, here. 
We humans cling to same-ness, to predictability. We just want to KNOW.

If dandelion seeds did not ride on the force of the wind with complete surrender, they would never have the opportunity to spread their seed, to grow, and to multiply. Is the wind on their time? No. They rely on Nature, and the Universe.
It's all Divine Timing. For Dandelions. And for us.

Embrace Change. 

It's just, well, change . . . the only constant in life.

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