Monday, May 22, 2017

I'm iN LoVe!

WoOf WoOf! funfreeMe folks!

Barkie, bark, and BaRk and barK!  (you speak dog, so you know what I mean . . . ).

My family and I were so very lucky that Theodore Duncan Curry Bradach III found us two years back. He is the sweetest ever--see above!

We give him baths, and feed him, and take him for walks. He is only a puppy, and he needs attention.

We all know about the dOg (gOd) thing. Dogs have a lot to teach us. DoGs (Gods) . . . are pReSent. 

Like, they are right there with you in the MoMeNt, like, . . . hElLo dog: wag, WaG, lIck, liCk, LiCk . . .

When we hang with Teddy, we have to be in the moment, or be PRESEnt.
When a dog is snuggling us or licking our lips, there is no yesterday, and no tomorrow (and it doesn't matter who is president, btw). 

Dogs live in DOG time, which is now . . . 

No regrets about where they took their last poo, no worries about what tree is their next potty victim . . . when you are with a dog, time slips away

(which is why a dog is (wo)man's BesteSt (beastest) friend, right?

Thanks, Teddy, for the reminder . . . (cuz that's the kind of friend I want to be, too . . .). 

I want to be PRESENT to the people I love, and I want to pAy attend-tion to my friends and family folk.

(note: attention has the word "tend" in it, which means to nurture, like, as in a garden . . . we nurture plants 'cuz we want them to grow and thrive, right? same with relationships, as far as I can figure . . . )

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