Monday, May 8, 2017

Awaken to Spring!

Spring has sprung!

Yesterday was the first day of the HAY HOUSE WORLD SUMMIT, an online event to inspire, heal, and begin some important conversations about life and love. IT'S FREE--check it out! I'll be blogging about it in the coming days . . .

I LooOoOOooooOOve the sPrIngTiMe!  Know Why? Because it's spring!

Everything is reborn, and reawakening from the stillness and incubation of winter.

Just to be clear: I do love every season for different reasons--because of the rhythm of the cycles of nature. It all happens in perfect time--when we can trust it and let go of control in order to allow all that is.

This past weekend at our cabin in Wisconsin, it actually felt like spring for the first time, and there are some things I really appreciate about this time of year:

  • driving to work in the SUNLIGHT!
  • Teddy, my dog, smelling like fresh air and grass when he comes inside
  • barbeque anything
  • the anticipation of summer
  • street music
  • Minnesota lakes and the buzz of people in the city . . .
  • the quiet centeredness of walking at Baker Park
Every spring is a great time to take an inventory about how we want our life to look and feel: for example, what behaviors and relationships do we want to call in or continue? and what behaviors and relationships do we want to let go? This is especially awesome to think about before Wednesday's FULL MOON!

Happy Monday! 

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