Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Let it Rain . . . Let it Be . . .

“For after all,
the best thing one can do
when it is raining
is let it rain.” 
―Henry W. Longfellow

This morning as I was driving to work it began to rain. I noticed that I felt calm and comforted--almost relieved--by the soft falling drops on my windshield. I didn't even turn my wipers on, and I opened my window to feel the wet spring raindrops in my hand. Amazing!

I've always loved rainy days. 

There's something, well, snuggled in about rainy days . . . (and snow days, too). They sort of give us permission to turn withintake care of ourselves, and listen to our inner whisperings.

I was reminded of a sunny day one summer when I was walking around Lake Harriet with my daughter, Chloe:

We had gotten about half-way around the lake, when a light rain shower began. It actually cooled us down very nicely, and Chloe and I just kept walking, hand-in-hand.

I remember smiling at the other people who were walking around the lake-- a knowing smilelike we were the lucky ones to experience this soft hum of rain on a hot summer afternoon.

Then, it started to rain harder . . . and harder. I noticed those who were walking started very quickly toward their cars, and people who were biking, rollerblading, or running--alone, in pairs, or with their pets--began to go faster and faster to get safely out of the wet rain.

I wasn't sure what to do . . . Chloe and I were still almost a mile and a half away from the car. We both started to complain to one another, and then we went under a tree for some shelter from the rain--and then something in me shifted. As I watched people scatter to get out of the rain, I realized Chloe and I really had no choice but to finish our walk around the lake . . . IN THE WET, COOL, AMAZING RAIN.

And, we could either complain about it and continue in complete misery, or we could step out and  fully experience and celebrate the gift of rain.

"This is awesome!" I laughed. "Now we don't have to take baths tonight!I winked at Chloe, pulled her out from the under the shelter of the tree, and we skipped out into the rain.

We jumped in puddles, sang songs about rain, raced and ran in the downpour--and noticed people smiling at our ridiculous antics.  

Forty minutes later, we arrived at our car TOTALLY drenched and thrilled. There is grace in simply accepting WHAT IS, and I learned something about shifting my thoughts that day (even though I didn't realize it until this morning) . . . these moments happened organically, and come from a place larger than our egos; they emerge from deep within our spirit, the place that knows the this truth: We are born to experience joy, and that depends on how WE choose to experience life--ALL OF IT

Thank GO(o)D(ness).

How have you shifted your perspective and experienced joy? How have you accepted the moment for WHAT IS?

Lucky us,
;) Dana 

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