Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Got Water?

"The Bucket"

Water. It's a Universal need for all creatures, including us humans.

Did you know our bodies are made of about 60% water? It's no wonder that when we are dehydrated, our brains start to feel fuzzy and we get lethargic and "off."

Did you also know that water molecules carry energy, and our thoughts can change the composition of the molecules?

Since our bodies are composed of so much water, it's important that we manage our thoughts so they do not effect us negatively with the energy we create.

When Dr. Masaro Emoto exposed water to a number of different words and sounds, and he found that the molecules rearranged themselves in patterns in response to the stimuli. Check out this video:

What strikes me with this research is that the health of our bodies--in connection with water--could be directly related to our thoughts, our words, and to the people and situations we choose to surround ourselves with.

And how we treat others can physically effect them, as well.

Have you ever noticed a shift in yourself, physically and psychologically, when you are around negative people? It's almost like you can feel their energy--it's real.

Our thoughts and words matter. Let's consciously choose them.

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